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All about the myNaturjuwel memberclub

On this page we collect all questions about the memberclub.

Club Informationen

You can change your data on our website in the profile area. On the website, log in, go to your profile and then click on the "Edit profile" area. In addition, you also have the option of having your data changed by our service department. To do so, please contact us at


If you have forgotten your password, you can change it on our website. To do this, go to "Forgot your password?" in the login area.

You can change your password on our website at any time. To do this, go to "New password" in the profile area.


Registering for the myNaturjuwel memberclub is very easy! You can register directly on the website from the comfort of your own home. Register when and where you want at, activate your profile, get started right away and benefit from additional advantage bonuses.


The membership is not limited in time, completely free of charge and can be terminated at any time.


The access data consists of your mail address and your personal password, which you can assign yourself when you register on our website. With your access data you can identify yourself to the service to change your personal data afterwards. You can change your selected access data in your personal profile area at any time.


You can find your membership number in your profile area on the website.


Unfortunately, the membership number is not transferable.

Any natural person who has reached the age of 18 and has their primary residence in a country of the European Economic Area or Switzerland may participate in our club program. Entrepreneurs, in particular natural persons or legal entities, are excluded from participation.


In this case we ask you to delete one of the two profiles, if both have already been activated. Please send an e-mail to Please also indicate in this mail which profile (e.g. by stating the membership number) you would like to have deleted or deactivated.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.



Phone: +43 (0)5476 6611

Data protection and security

Guests trust in the serious handling of their data. At hotel das Naturjuwel, data protection has top priority.

For more information, please see our privacy.

You can manage the consents in your profile area. The consent to the newsletter, the release to marketing actions or postial cover letter are voluntary.


You can send your deletion request in writing by mail or e-mail to For a quick processing of your request, please enclose your membership number or alternatively your name, address and date of birth. Your request for deletion will be processed by us within the legal period. You can also deactivate or delete your profile in your profile area.

Collect jewels

Our memberclub offers a variety of collection options. You can easily and conveniently collect jewels on site or, in addition, attractive collection options are available in the club.

You can find all opportunities to collect jewels here.

You earn jewels for every online activity and for using numerous services. Depending on the activity, for example, for a turnover of 1 euro you will receive 1 jewel. Just click on Collect and learn more.


7 juwels correspond to 1 euro. That means: 7,000 juwels correspond to 1,000 euros.


You can find your balance on our website in your profile area. We will also inform you about the number of juwels you have collected, about innovations in the club and about your personal advantage bonuses in the mailings we send out.


It may take a few minutes for your points balance to be updated. If your balance is not displayed correctly, please contact us here at


Your accumulated jewels do not expire and can be redeemed for a value voucher and other rewards at any time.


Redeem jewels

You can redeem your jewels at any time on our website. The only decisive factor for redemption is the amount of your balance.

To redeem, simply select the desired reward and download the voucher. Alternatively, you can select a freely definable amount of jewels and a value voucher will be made available to you. The jewels will then be deducted from the current total.

You can find your balance and all movements at any time under "Jewels" on the website.


You can redeem your collected jewels for vouchers on our website at any time under „Reward“.


You can find your vouchers directly in your profile area by clicking on "Voucher" on our website. In addition, you will receive your vouchers by e-mail.


The validity of vouchers can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.


During your next stay you can redeem your voucher. You can see more information in the General Terms and Conditions.


Invite friends

You can recommend your friends and family via email or link hotel das Naturjuwel. Your friends will receive a voucher as a welcome gift.


If your recommendation was successful. i.e. your friend/relative was on site at the hotel incert and redeemed the welcome voucher, then you will receive a notification of your reward.